13 Men On Why They Prefer To Date Extroverts

September 12, 2018

1. I don’t know what I would do in social settings without my extroverted girlfriend. I hate meeting people and I hate small talk and she is a natural at it. She always remembers everyone’s name and asks about their lives in a way that seems like she’s genuinely interested. I feel like people can tell I don’t care when I try to do it.” — Matt, 27

2. I love extroverted women, they are so confident and charming. I love how they like to try new things and go new places and get me out of my ruts. I definitely wouldn’t want to be with someone who only wanted to stay at home, I feel like we’d get sick of each others.” — Adam, 23

3. “I love women that are spontaneous and fun-loving, so I am always dating extroverts. I love that they are always up for something new, and they tend to be better in bed.” — Eric, 25

4. I feel like my girlfriend is an add-on instead of a subtraction. She helps me be better instead of adding to the things I have to take care of. In a social situation, she isn’t a baby, she can fend for herself and talk to people and be entertained if I have to be off talking to people about business.” — Chris, 31

5. “My girlfriend is an extrovert and I’m an introvert. It means we spend a lot of time apart because I want her to be free to go to social events and she wants me to be free to go to them, which is perfect. I get to have my alone time and she gets to be jazzed up on being around fun strangers. At the end of the night we are together, and both happy.” — Mike, 27

6. “I am super introverted, so I will only date extroverted women. It sounds pathetic, but I wouldn’t have a social life without one.” — Pete, 31

7. “I hate sitting at home, like, I’m the opposite of a couch potato so I need someone who loves to get out and do stuff with me. I like extroverts because they tend to like to do stuff more often than introverts.” — Dave, 28

8. “I love that it’s not a struggle to talk to her. She very clearly to talk to me and be around me and know what I have to say. I’ve been with introverts where I just felt rejected, and not because they just needed so much independence. After a certain point, I guess I don’t understand the point of being in a relationship.” — Tom, 26

9. “My girlfriend’s social skills are phenomenal. She can make any salesperson do for her. It makes me excited to be her partner for life because she’s so adept. I know my life will be better because she is in it.” — Andrew, 29

10. “I’m someone who needs to be excited by the person I’m with. I’m terrified of getting stuck in a rut so introverts are not for me. I want to be trying new things, meeting new people, going new places — that’s what keeps the spark alive for me.” — Aaron 24

11. “My life is better because I am with someone who can hold her own, who doesn’t shrink from the challenges of the world, and who meets life halfway.” — Eric, 25

12. “I admire my wife because of the way she makes other people laugh. It’s what attracted me to her in the first place. It could be a stranger or a longtime friend, but she is always getting the best of everyone and causing them to bust a gut.” — Jason, 26

13. “I like extroverts because they challenge me. I don’t want someone who is okay doing the same old things I am okay with doing, I want to be pushed to do more and try new things. It’s definitely attractive when someone isn’t okay with being complacent.” — Josh, 22

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