13 Women Share Their Thoughts On Instant Physical Attraction And Whether Or Not It Matters

1. It matters a lot. Its how he first gets my attention. If Im not looking at you from across the room, I probably wont want to listen to you speak face to face. Zoey, 24

2. I can initially be super attracted to his personality, and I have been before. Is that physical attraction? I guess not, but it definitely makes me want to get to know him on a physical level. Lynn, 25

3. I think women like to pretend that it doesnt matter, but of course it does. If were all being honest with ourselves, you arent going to want to be with someone youre not immediately attracted to. Cayla, 23

4. I am now dating a guy who I had no instant physical attraction to whatsoever. Hes chubby and geeky, but when I actually got to know him for who he was, I discovered he was a fantastic person. I love him, and honestly we will probably get married, but dont tell him I said that! Anon, 25

5. If I dont have instant physical attraction with him, it sort of blurs my judgement on his personality. Like if he is really hot, Im more likely to ignore his personality flaws, but if he is not so hot, then his personality flaws become that much more apparent. Margaret, 26

6. Instant physical attraction is what will initially grab your interest, but what will your interest is his mind and his thoughts. Erin, 26

7. I need to be physically attracted to him at first so that I give him a chance, but after that I crave a deeper connection. Mandy, 24

8. It only takes me so long before I can see through his tall, dark, and handsomeness. Whats under all of that is what really intrigues me. Hope, 27

9. It all depends on what you want. If you want a guy to bring home, fuck, and never talk to again, then yes, instant physical attraction will be the winner, but if youre looking for a long-lasting, meaningful relationship, then instant physical attraction is not that important. Victoria, 26

10. Ive never been with a guy I wasnt instantly attracted to. I think the immediate physical attraction is what sets the bar for the rest of the relationship. Taylor, 24

11. Instant physical attraction is like the Table of Contents. Its in the beginning of the book, and it sets out what youre about to read, but after youve finished reading does it really matter? Diana, 27

12. From my own personal experience, the relationships that have lasted or have been somewhat fulfilling and worth it, have not had an instant physical attraction. When youre not instantly attracted to them it allows you to see through superficial qualities like appearance. Sarah, 26

13. I dont think a guys physical appearance is always indicative of how he will treat a woman. Just because he looks like a god doesnt mean he will treat you like dirt, and just because hes ugly doesnt mean hell treat you like a princess. Ive dated some physically unattractive men who have treated me like complete crap. So no, I don’t think instant physical attraction is all that important. Morgan, 25

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