15 Reasons Why Ben Higgins Is The Best Bachelor EVER

December 4, 2018

1. Hes the perfect combination of adorable and sexy. Did you see his facial expression while dumping Olivia directly after she confessed to being in love with him? His hair was dripping with the perfect amount of poignant mist from the stormy weather, his eyes overflowed with concern like a romance novel and he stared deep into Olivias eyes while giving it to her straight I dont think I can reciprocate those feelings. You better believe it, Olivia. Youve been Off-Higgined. How could the entire heterosexual female and homosexual male population not want to hug and make-out with him right there?

2. Hes open minded to every kind of woman. This includes a single mom of two little girls, multiple Crazies who quit their jobs to come on the show, several ethnically diverse ladies who he keeps past the first night and identical Barbie doll twins from Las Vegas. Hes willing to pursue relationships with anyone he finds intriguing no prejudices, no snap judgments and it doesnt even feel producer-forced. Weve seen him make out with all of these women just to prove his true feelings for these ladies.

3. Hes a Mamas Boy and his Mama has a lakefront house. Ben starts his journey by introducing us to his parents that really reminded me of Cindy and Jim Walsh from the original Beverly Hills, 90201. Theyre young, still in love and are completely supportive of Ben finding his match on reality television. We learn that Bens parents live in a gigantic modern home directly lakeside in Warsaw, Indiana. Not a bad place to visit with your future gorgeous Higgins kids for a trip to Grandmas house. Speaking of Grandmas, Mama Higgins adores her son so much that she cried after meeting one of the Barbie twins, horrified that Ben might actually be thinking of getting serious with someone whose life goal is to be an NFL Cheerleader.

4. He was the quarterback of the football team and the star of his high school basketball team. Hes who teenage girls dream about taking to their prom. Who doesnt want to wear a Varsity jacket with the name Higgins on the back of it? Hes got quarterback looks and the good guy personae to make any lady fall hard for him.

5. He loves kids. Did you see him on his recent date at the youth center in his hometown? The kids all adored him and we even got to watch him reach out to a little boy having a tough time. If that doesnt soften the hearts of ladies everywhere, not much else will. Hes also been extremely open to dating a single mom of two little girls this season.

6. Hes not looking for Hollywood or stardom at least not yet. In fact, he has plans to stick with his software company as an account manager. Bens got his roots in Denver his job and a home. Yet, I see him wanting to settle down back in Indiana. He hasnt taken his ladies to Denver he took them to his original hometown. That seems to be where he wants to end up.

7. He actually believes hes unlovable STOP! Can you believe that? Me neither. Yet hearing Ben discuss his previous relationships and learn about his insecurities makes him that much more relatable. Who hasnt been heartbroken? Even perfect people like Ben can be insecure at times. Hes hot and humble – Amen!

8. He makes each woman feel like shes the most important woman in the universe. The way he stares deep into each of the ladys eyes, is step 1. Then he asks them to dig deep and open up. Yes, he knows theyre scared but he wants them to be honest about what theyre thinking and to let their guard down. Weve heard it all before on this show, but somehow Ben makes it original and sincere.

9. His occupation is something other than Personal Trainer or Wrestler. Hes got an actual job as a software account manager with a LinkedIn account. His brains are in his actual brain, which is a nice change of pace amongst

10. Hes the stereotypical tall, dark and handsome with a heart. Bens got looks for days. But hes most attractive because of the nice guy that he is. Hes articulate, sensitive and caring. Hes taking this process seriously and looks great doing it.

11. He wears his heart on his sleeve when someone tells him troubling things about another girl he confronts that girl head on. For better or for worse, he reveals any negative or troubling feedback to the person thats been targeted. He cant keep anything inside which is why we love him. If its on his mind, hes going to bring it up.

12. Hes learned from his predecessors mistakes, knows not to make out with a girl in front of the others. He is not thrown off by group dates that potentially could enable him to sneak a kiss with one girl. He knows better. This is also one of the first Bachlelors that hasnt had any lady come find him after hours for a little romantic rendezvous time. Im not sure if thats just these girls personalities or if Ben told them dont come a-knockin.

13. Even my husband finds him attractive. Hell deny it of course, but my husband has started asking me to find out about certain things Ben is wearing. Hes a mans man (both Ben and my husband). Ben just seems like the kind of guy that has a lot of male buddies and he emulates charisma and charm. Its rubbing off on heterosexual men too.

14. He always has the perfect thing to say, even at the most awkward moments. Like when hes on a group date, he just pulls each lady aside and reassures her that shes the greatest thing since sliced bread. He also conveys that hes been thinking about her, that their spark is still sparkly and glowing and that shes a special snowflake, only he is able to pull off such a conversation in a way that you immediately reconnect with him and the viewers are drawn in to his perseverance in this process.

15. He makes you love him even more when you dumps you. Hell never say, Im not interested in you, or It would never work. Instead, he blames his heart as if its a third person in this party. Ben would totally fall in love with you, but his heart isnt on the same page. Sorry. One of his more recent break-ups with the identical twin was directly following the twins introduction to Bens parents. He broke up with her in such a caring and kind way that when it was all done, the only thing the dumped twin could say was, Whoever ends up with Ben is a very lucky girl. How many people say that about the person who just broke up with them?

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