27 Tiny Realizations That Will Help You Keep Going On Your Darkest Days

October 17, 2018

I know how difficult it can be to get out of bed each morning, trying to find motivation to go about your day. You know I didnt think that Id be where I am today. Although Ive had my fair share of successes, I thought Id be more successful by now. Or at least, feel successful. But I dont.

I havent yet reached my full potential. Im not yet living the life of my dreams. I havent yet found a partner to share my life with. But this isnt to say that Im not happy. Because in many regards, I am. Im happy because I can see the opportunities out there. I can feel my potential and I know that one day I will get that little bit of luck necessary to make dreams come true.

Unfortunately, that belief alone isnt enough to get me through the darkest days. You know what days Im talking about those days when you cant muster a smile. You cant find kind words. You cant simply pull yourself up and keep going through the same motions youve been going through for years. The fact is that the more you dream, the more likely you are to start believing that the life youre living is a nightmare.

Dreaming is certainly important, but you need to also appreciate the things youve done, and the things you now have. Its the combination of all three past, future, and present that creates the necessary motivation to fuel your projection towards the stars. If it werent for these 27 things, I wouldnt be able to keep going:

1. Knowing that one day Ill wake up smiling.

2. Knowing that the day will come when all the hard work and sacrifice truly pays off.

3. That moment in the future when I realize that, regardless of how many people told me otherwise, I made the right choices in life.

4. The belief that the one that got away will eventually lose that title.

5. Those brief moments when I dont feel quite so alone, reminding me that a shoulder to lean on can be found if one looks for it.

6. The stubbornness that is refusing to live a life of mediocrity

7. Having faith that Ill find someone that loves me for me flaws and all.

8. Those days when the sun seems to shine, even though its cloudy.

9. Those rare moments of joy that linger for just a little longer than usual.

10. Noticing that even the worst of people have some goodness inside them.

11. Accepting that even those that treat you like shit, only do so because theyre miserable with themselves.

12. Those moments of silence that speak volumes.

13. Realizing that no matter how many times I may stumble or seemingly regress, Im always moving one step closer to the person Im meant to become.

14. Accepting that Im stronger and more courageous than I give myself credit for.

15. The fact that cuts and bruises, even when incredibly deep, will heal if you allow them to.

16. Those times when I manage to somehow slow down, somehow stop running and take the time to just breathe, to just be.

17. The support of my friends and family because even though they may not believe that Im going to accomplish what I tell them I will accomplish, I know theyll be there for me if I fall.

18. Those summer nights when I lay down in the grass or in the sand, and look up at the stars, realizing that although I matter, at the sametime I dont.

19. Looking back at all that Ive been through, all the mistakes I made, all the times Ive been used or taken advantage of, and noticing that Im still standing. Im still fighting. Im still refusing to stay down for the count.

20. The beauty and perfection that can be found in the smallest of natures workings.

21. The belief that regardless of whether or not this is all part of a greater plan, things will be alright. Ill be alright.

22. The pride I sometimes feel when I stop beating myself up for all that I wasnt able to do, and appreciate all that I was able to do.

23. Refusing to compare myself to others, because no two people have lived the same life, have had to deal with the same trials that life throws their way.

24. Accepting that Im not worse. Im just different and thats a beautiful thing.

25. Putting aside whatever jealousy I may feel when others accomplish the things I wish I accomplished, and using their achievements as fuel that continues driving me forward.

26. Being happy for others, because the fact is that you wont always be happy with yourself. But you can always, and I mean always, find someone else to be happy for.

27. Allowing myself to cry. Not even for a particular reason, but just to remind myself that sadness isnt something we should fear, but rather embrace. For its always better to be able to feel something, than nothing.

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