How The Mighty Have Fallen: Ranking The Women On This Season Of ‘The Bachelor’

October 7, 2018

Hi everyone! What a week. Lace took herself out of the running, Amber weirdly turned herself into an almost-villain and we saw the motherly side of Olivia where she comforted Ben about the loss of his family friends by complaining about the way her toes look. Here’s a complete ranking of where all the women stand from least to most likely to make it to the end:

Our fallen comrades


Lace complains to the other girls that she isn’t going to get a rose because Jubilee is upstairs crying and Ben is consoling her so they don’t get time together. Then she approaches Ben and takes herself out of the running because she “doesn’t love herself.”

She appears later as a special guest on and Chris Harrison invites her to joint he cast of this summer. She says she’ll get back to him. Whatever Lace!


This boot wasn’t surprising to anyone, Shushanna hasn’t said anything so far this seasons (except a few lines in Russian, to show how multi-cultural the show is, or something). I liked her! But yeah, she had no character development. Maybe on


Jami saw the writing on the wall this week. She was anxious about getting time with Ben because she realized she wasn’t getting any either because of or not having a connection with him. The mystery of her dismissal is probably solved at her exit interview she she goes on an extremely negative tirade about how no one loves her and she should give up and get some cats. Yikes.

still in the running to becoming america’s next top tabloid cover


Oh Amber. She is playing this game like she has never seen a season of . (And she’s PLAYED before). There’s basically only one rule you really have to follow: DON’T get involved in house drama. IF you get involved in house drama never, ever, ever, EVER use your time with The Bachelor to discuss it. She gets the group date rose before all this went down but she’s going next week.


Olivia made a series of bizarre mistakes this week. She complained to Ben about how people find her. She brought Ben to a hotel room overlooking the other girls in a thinly-veiled attempt to lord her time with Ben over them (he noticed). Then, right after Ben not so subtly announced that he was going to need some comforting at the cocktail party because his family friends had just passed, she instead tried to engage him in some vapid conversation about whether she has cute toes. I don’t think these are things you come back from. I think Ben is basic and not deep but considers himself to be deep so he’s going to take issue with all of this and eliminate her soon.

Emily & Hayley

The preview for next episode makes it seem like MAYBE one twin stays and one twin goes (CAN THIS PLS PLS PLS HAPPEN ON A TWO-ON-ONE DATE I WILL PUT CHRIS HARRISON IN MY WILL FOR THIS) but I still think it’s doubtful that they aren’t just eliminated together. They win. Can America really get behind a first lady of #BachelorNation whose occupation is ‘twin’? (No.)


Becca doesn’t get any kind of date this week. With how much Ben loves bubbly women, I don’t know if he will really think Becca shines because she’s so much more muted than everyone else.


You might find yourself asking “there’s a Rachel on this season????” And you’d be right to wonder, she hasn’t done anything memorable yet. However, remember back to Chris’ season, he ended up with Jade and we had no idea who she was at this point in the season. So, there’s hope. Not a lot, but hey, the people know how to make good TV.


Jubilee, Jubilee, Jubilee… I don’t really understand this girl. She has a one-on-one date with Ben this week and pisses the house off by saying she’d rather have a kind of date. It’s a well-known fact that in the world you can only ever be positive and happy about unless you are shedding a single tear over being widowed or something equally tragic but safe. Jubilee is not the cookie-cutter girl, she’s a war veteran and she isn’t gracious overly nice like everyone else. But as much as I love rooting for the unconventional girls I can’t get on Team Jubilee. Her time with Ben is SO AWKWARD.

THAT SAID, if she gets far enough, I think she’ll be the frontrunner for the next Bachelorette. We love a scrappy girl with a sad backstory!


Another bubbly blonde, quelle surprise!


We don’t see a lot of Jennifer and we’re still waiting to see if she’s filler or if she’s just biding her time until her mid-season story arc comes into play.

Lauren H

Can I just say that Lauren H seems like the most kindergarten teacher-y kindergarten teach of all time? Like if you wanted to know about someone you don’t know and someone said “oh, she’s a ” as if that explained everything you needed to know about their personality. That would be Lauren H. Also she says she has bad “ball-handling skills” in reference to the soccer date. So, at least she tried to be interesting.


Amanda and her teeny tiny baby voice do their best to cheer Ben up at the cocktail party. Someone like Amanda is probably exactly who you want to talk to when you need to be babied. She’s not getting a ton of screen time but it definitely seems like she has potential to make it deep in the season.


Jojo doesn’t get time with him at all this week so it’s a gamble to rank her so highly. However, she just seems so bubbly and like the kind of girl he wants, but just edgier enough to separate her form the other girls that I have to do it.

Lauren B

Lauren B gets a one-on-one date this week. She totally hits it off with Softboy Ben who is looking for a sweet, bubbly, blonde girl-next-door stereotype exactly like Lauren B. They definitely fit together and I can see her being a contender for the end.

Also, does anyone know what kind of hair products she uses? Because here she is in a hot tub and her hair is FLAWLESS. Holler at me on Twitter if you have a guess:


Poor, sweet, sensitive Caila is so fragile that back at the Bachelor mansion while Ben’s on a one-on-one day she cries with Jojo about her feelings for him and how they are. Even though her bf is dating 15 other women (who she thinks are ALL GREAT PEOPLE). She is clearly a match made in heaven for this Indiana Softboy.

Burning questions for next week’s episode

What kind of crazy is going to come out of Olivia’s mouth next week???

What are all the girls staring at???

Is Ben actually a bad kisser???

Why does anyone involved in production think this cheesey ass car date is a cool idea???

Why do they always do this dumb fake wedding date???

How far will Olivia’s “meltdown” go??? Will she “quit” the show to save her pride too???

What makes this twin so sad???

See you next week!

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