What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Type Of Chocolate

September 13, 2018

Milk chocolate

Youre a flexible girlfriend and you thrive in long-term relationships. You dont get fussed over too much because you definitely enjoy just going with the flow and relaxing. You pick the basic chocolate because its safe and its never failed you, so why switch it up now? You like something and you stick with it.

Dark chocolate

You are more sophisticated than milk chocolate lovers, enhancing your opinions about everything from love to politics. You are very energetic and a lover of people; you have strong relationships in all aspects of your life because of this love. Theres also a chance youre a health nut and you probably like gym dates.

White chocolate

If white chocolate is your favorite youre more reserved as a girlfriend and can tend to be more introverted. You have a creative mindset and you are most comfortable with yourself or your partner and not with big groups of people.

Mint chocolate

You are a sensitive and caring girlfriend, even if most dont see that side of you. You are very goal oriented and achieving your goals makes you very happy. You like to go after what you want, even if it isnt the norm and you have a wild side.

Caramelfilled chocolate

Youre a very happy girlfriend. Youre fun and energetic and down for almost anything. You like to treat yourself to something extra sweet from time to time. You have a high self-esteem and that carries over to make you a great lover. You have an impulsive side that makes you courageous that makes your partner (or future partner) love you.

Chocolate with nuts

Youre a bit of an old fashioned lover. You like to reminisce and go on older dates to places like parks or drive in movie theaters. You like to keep your circle of friends small and you can be known to have a bitch face, especially when youre judging people around you. Youre a straight shooter, you just like to get to the point.

Fruit-filled chocolate

You are a very open person and lover. You dont believe in secrets because you want to talk about everything. You have lots of feelings and you make them known, making others easily drawn to you. You are a great girlfriend and youre very reliable.


You are typically a funny girlfriendandhave a great sense of humor. If youre hanging with the guys you can take what theyre giving you and give it right back. You are witty and kind hearted. You may have even said “truffle shuffle” while eating a truffle before.

Chocolate with peanut butter

Youre a kick ass person and an even better girlfriend. Youre the person who likes adventure dates or sitting on the couch. You know life is all about balance and you love living on the edge. The only thing youre really worried about in life is being surrounded by good people and having a good time.

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