10 Life Lessons You Can Only Learn While Walking Your Dog

1. Enjoy the journey every single time you step foot out of the house. Wherever you go, your dog isnt preoccupied by what route you take or what your final destination is. Why? Because he or she is busy enjoying every single moment along the way, just as you should.

2. Dont be afraid to stop and take a whiff of nature. When were not busy jolting from one meeting to the next, were usually buried in our phones, searching the web for the next hilarious meme or the next moving story. But theres an entire natural world of beauty at our fingertips and if you dont pause to appreciate the majesty like your dog does, youll miss it.

3. Why walk when you can run? You dont always need a reason to dash across the lawn or the park. Yes, running can seem like a chore youd rather skip, especially when youre doing it on a treadmill dressed in clingy, unforgiving athletic gear. But there is so much joy to be had in an impromptu sprint. Follow your dogs lead and dart across the park on a whim and watch as your mood transforms in an instant.

4. If youre happy, show it! When a dog is happy, you know it. You can see it in their eyes, and in the wag of their tail. If youre in good spirits, theres no reason not to share that good energy with the outside world.

5. Youre never too old to play. Dogs of all ages seem to understand this and they lead by example in a wonderful way. Playtime isnt just for kids. We all need to let loose and act a little wild sometimes, so build a few breaks into your workday or schedule a rendezvous with friends surrounding some kind of silly adventure, like a trip to the local amusement park.

6. Good behavior is almost always rewarded. Theres a simple, beautiful formula that governs the relationship between dog and pet owner: When a dog behaves well, he gets that treat or that tummy scratch because hes earned it. Its helpful to remember that good vibes beget good vibes and that its worth spreading the positivity whenever possible.

7. Dont be intimidated by how loud someone can bark. The typical dog doesnt back down when another dog barks, no matter how big or small their opponent is. The takeaway from this canine bravery is that you shouldnt be frightened by a persons size, or the volume of their shouts. Rather, focus on the content of their character and the validity of the argument theyre trying to make. Never let bullying tactics overwhelm you.

8. If you trust someone, loosen the leash. When an owner lets their dog run free, the dog abides by the terms of an unspoken but well understood agreement not to run away. Trust may be difficult to build, but its important to recognize that its there. Once youve established that precious sense of trust with a partner or colleague, loosen the reins a little.

9. Be grateful whenever someone takes the time to pet you (or pat you on the back). A good dog acts supremely grateful when a stranger stops to show him appreciation. So should every good human. Each compliment you receive should be welcomed with grace and treasured as the nugget of kindness that it is.

10. If youre having a blast, dont rush home. A dog rarely ever wants to leave the park, and we humans could benefit from their carefree attitude. If youre having a great time, dont hesitate to extend your stay. Figure out a way to finesse your schedule and seize the moment, especially when youre in the company of a creature (or people) you adore.

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