13 Women On The Qualities About Their Boyfriend That Made Them Settle Down

1. “He always says he just wants me to be happy. When you find someone who cares about your happiness it makes you want to find it for yourself that much more.” Grace, 26

2. “I could tell he was attracted to me for more than my appearance, or body, or anything physical. He is attracted to who I am, rather than who I to be.” Julianna, 25

3. “We were on and off for a long time, and when we finally tried to make the off period permanent, we couldn’t. When I realized it was harder to be without him, I knew it wouldn’t be possible to not have him in my life.” Brittany, 25

4. “He’s my best friend, and he makes everything more fun. How could you not settle down with someone like that?” Amy, 26

5. “When I go down on him, he returns the favor, enough said.” Kim, 24

6. “My parents never like ANY of my boyfriends. When they met him, they loved him almost more than I did. That wasn’t the only thing that sealed the deal, but it definitely helped.” Alex, 23

7. “I can be myself around him without being scared of what he’s thinking. Chances are he thinks I’m a complete weirdo, but he loves me regardless, and I love that.” Diana, 25

8. “He’s secure enough to not question what I’m doing when he’s not with me. If I tell him I’m going out with the girls, he doesn’t ask what guys are going to be there. He lets me have my own life, and knows that I’d never abuse his trust.” Samantha, 26

9. “I was single for basically ever, when I found someone who I missed even if I saw him the day before I was like oh wow, I must really like this person, and I thought I should probably do something about it. Now we’re in a serious relationship.” Caroline, 24

10. “When he says things about me I know he means them, and not just because I’m a naive 20 something girl in a new relationship that believes anything a boy will tell her, but because he backs up his words with actions. He doesn’t just say ‘you’re wonderful’ he shows me how much he appreciates me, and then I’m convinced he’s telling me the truth.” Erica, 23

11. “He’s willing to compromise. We don’t always have to do what he wants to do, go where he wants to go, we do what I want to do too, we go where I want to go too. We both make compromises for the sake of each other, because the other person is worth it.” Natalie, 25

12. “I finally feel like I found someone who treats me the way I deserve to be treated.” Trish, 25

13. “There’s no guessing with him. I wasn’t constantly wondering, ‘Does he like me?’ ‘Did I do something wrong?’ ‘Will he call me back?’ He makes me certain that I’m someone he wants in his life, and I never have to question that.” Lauren, 26

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