16 Insanely Hot Ways To Wake Him Up With An Orgasm

August 30, 2018

1.Remove all of your clothing, grab his hand, and move it across your body, from your tits down to your pussy. Once he wakes up, it won’t take him long to realize that you’re completely naked, and he’ll want to do something about it.

2.Set an alarm on his phone that says, “Time to fuck your girlfriend.” At first, he’ll be annoyed when it goes off in his ear. But once he reads the message, he won’t have a problem obeyinghis orders.

3.Straddle him. You don’t even have to remove the covers from his body. Just put your tits in his face, so your nipples brush up against his lips. When his eyes open, he’s in for a real treat.

4.Slip underneath the covers and pull his dick out of the hole in his boxers. Then start licking and sucking until he wakes up with an orgasm.

5.Masturbate while you’re sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with him. Make sure you let out moans and use your loudest vibrator, so that he wakes up in time to see the show.

6.When you’re spooning, press your ass up against his cock and start moving itaround. Act like you’re in the club grinding up on him, except from a horizontal position.

7.Whisper something naughty into his ear. Once he realizesyou’re in the mood for sex, he’ll getin the mood, too.

8.Step out of your flannel pajamas and slip into your sexiest lingerie. Then strike a seductive pose andwait for him to open his eyes,so he can admire your outfit.

9.Open up a porno on your phone and start playing it. When he hears all that moaning, he’s going to wake up to see what all the fuss is about. Either that, or it’ll trigger awet dream and you won’t have to be the one to give him that orgasm.

10. Move your hand to his cock and start stroking. He probably already has morning wood, so it shouldn’t be all that hard to make him cum with just your hand.

11.If he’s already hard, then climb on top of him and start riding him. By the time he fully wakes up, he’ll be halfway to an orgasm.

12.If you’re a kinky couple,wake him up with handcuffs. Grab his wrists and put the restraints on him. Then do whatever the hell you want to him.

13.You could also take a feather or a flogger and run it across his skin to rouse him.

14.Leave a trail of kisses against his body. Start by pressing your lips against his shoulders, then his chest, then his thighs. It shouldn’tbe long until he wakes up and kisses you right back.

15.If you don’t want to wake him up early, send him a text he’ll see when he wakeup that says, “Breakfast is waiting for you on the table. And I’m waiting for you on the couch.”

16.If you’d rather get an orgasm than givean orgasm, then wake him up by sitting on his face. (As long as he’s given you permission beforehand. You don’t want to end up smothering him in his sleep.)

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