17 Reasons Why Finding The Right Partner Is More Important Than Finding The Right Job

December 25, 2018

1. You dont get a paycheck for maintaining a lovingrelationship, but you get paid every day in far more valuable ways.

2. No one staysrelevant perpetually in any given field, but youll always be relevant to the personwho pines for youyear after year.

3. They say Love what you do, and youll never work a day in your life. But if you love who youre with, youll never have to go onanother first date.

4.Whenyoure old and on the brink of death, you wont regret devoting too much time or energy tolove, butyoumightvery wellquestionthe number ofhoursyou spent toiling at the office.

5. Greatpassioninspiresthe most movingsongs, poetry, and art. Great careers inspire self-congratulatory memoirs and insipidself-help books.

6.Serious relationships require a lot ofhard work,but without any midyear performance reviews or micro-managing to worry about.

7. Your career cant take care of you when youre sick. In fact, itll get kind of annoyed at you for lack of productivity, even if you’re feverish and vomity.

8.Professional accomplishmentscan give you a rush, but your jobwill neverpleasure you sexually(unless youre a porn star,maybe).

9.A supportive lovermakes work related achievementsthat much more meaningful by celebrating them too, but you can’tcounton your career todouble as apersonal cheerleader.

10.Becauseyour closest colleaguesand collaborators will always kind of be your competitors, while thelove of your lifeisgenuinelythere for you.

11.Youcan say anything to the ideal romantic partner without fear of judgment, but you cant reasonably expect the same from coworkers.

12. The right partnerwill get angry when you fuck up royally, but their instinct will be to find a way to forgive you rather than fire you.

13.Your ideal match will make you better at your job bymotivating you to excel in all aspectsof life, but your job probably won’tmake you a better lover.

14.Agreatrelationship hinges on your ability toinvestin love. Anotablecareerlargelyinvolvesinvesting in some intangible entity’s bottom line.

15. Arguably, youcanlearn more about life from navigating the ups and downs of a romantic relationship than you canthrough mastering any professional skill.

16. Because you can master a job, but you can never really master another individual. So while the right partner will surprise you again and again, the right job will surprise you less and less.

17. Even the best careers eventually end, but no one ever retires from an amazing love.

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