19 People On Their Life’s Biggest Blessing In Disguise That They’re Now Actually Thankful For

1. My surgeries. It was an awful time and made me suffer a lot, but I learned to see the good in everyone because everyone has their struggles. I learned life is about how are you after bad things, not before. Caleb, 24

2. Losing my job at one place, which led me to another. This has happened twice now! When one door closes, another one really does open! Melissa, 31

3. Having quite possibly the worst job ever. It was downright laughable how bad it was. But I needed it; anything less than outright torture and I would’ve stayed in a field that was wrong for me. However, since it was absolutely torture, I finally had enough and quit, and found a career field that I absolutely love. Abigail, 24

4. Finding out you’re pregnant! HUGE blessing in disguise! Jeannie, 40

5. Tearing my ACL. I wouldnt wish it upon my worst enemy, but it made me a better person. I didnt have support from my high school teammates, and the recovery was hell. I had to grow a lot as a person; I learned how important it was to be caring towards people who are going through a hard time and to reach out to people who are starting to seclude themselves. I wouldnt have gone to my college if I didnt have my sport and I wouldnt have met some of the most important people of my life. Molly, 22

6. A really crappy group of friends that led me into some seriously “not so proud” moments, led me to my future husband who has pulled me out of some of the darkest emotions I have ever experienced. Grace, 24

7. Getting dumped was the worst thing ever at the time, and some days I’m still upset over it. But I look back at all the awesome things I’ve done since, and you just know it was for the very best! Ash, 26

8. A blessing in disguise for me was my stay in a psychiatric unit. After seeing the struggles of some of the people there because of drug use, it allowed me to empathize with my older brother whose a heroine addict. It helped me forgive him for what he did to my family and how he treated my mom. The resentment I had towards him had been such a big weight on my shoulders, but through that experience it was lifted. Mike, 21

9. Not having a long term relationship in my 20s. Christina, 28

10. My uncle was suppose to be in the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 for a job interview, but he didnt get the call back. He was so upset he didnt get the job, but it was definitely a blessing in disguise. Anna, 21

11. Having my husband let go from the business we were supposed to take over together. That city was toxic. We would have been stuck there and we’ve had nothing but success since we left. Molly, 30

12. Probably my two knee surgeries. They taught me to never take anything for granted. Kyle, 23

13. My wife and I bought a duplex right after we married and the lady we were renting to moved. We thought we were going to have to sell the house because we couldnt afford it anymore, but two days before we were going to sell someone rented the upstairs and they turned into almost a second mom for our daughters. The lady who moved out also suffered a back injury 3 weeks later and according to state law if you have a back injury you dont have to pay rent. Don, 47

14. Hands down having my daughter. I never ever wanted kids, like I DID NOT WANT THEM. When I found out I was pregnant I wanted to jump off a cliff. Newly married in the military, there were places I wanted to see without being tied down to a baby. The moment I had her, my life completely changed. I am the best version of myself I could possibly be. She makes me so fulfilled. Shelby, 25

15. After failing many times to find a job when I was in Colorado I came back home and within a week I found a job that I love and I wouldnt trade it for anything. Alex, 24

16. Getting dumped by the man I wanted to marry. Sara, 27

17. I turned down promotion outside of my home state a few years ago. Place was a gold mine at the time, but now not so much. I wouldn’t be in the peak state I’m in now, met the people I have now, among other things, had I taken it. Listen to your heart and follow it. Always. Shane, 33

18. A career ending injury in gymnastics, leading to a blessing-filled career in track! Tabitha, 23

19. I was supposed to be going back to England to coach, but they couldnt get my visa worked out. I had to come home, live with my parents and I didnt have any jobs lined up, I was devastated. Then I got a call to be a graduate assistant, so now Im a coach again and getting my masters for free. Kristen, 24

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