7 Things You’ll Learn In A Long-Distance Friendship

August 27, 2019
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7 Things You’ll Learn In A Long-Distance Friendship

It’s more common to see an article or two about the hardships and difficulties encountered by having a relationship or friendship where one is far away from the other. While it may be true that each and every day is a challenge between the two parties involved, it surely has its perks which make enduring the distance totally worth it.

1. You’ll learn that there is no perfect friendship. Any relationship will always have its up’s and down’s whether or not you see each other every day. For long-distance friendships, the challenge is definitely harder. Thus, in order for it to stay bound for as long as you both prefer, you think of various ways to make it work.

2. You’ll learn to be creative. Being away from each other makes you think of things to do together, apart. Whether it’d be sending memes or comparing notes and/or theories on the latest Netflix series, both of you would learn day by day that there are a lot of activities in store that do not involve being physically near.

3. You’ll learn how to use social media wisely. You even cherish it now. Before, it might be easy to dismiss social media interaction as shallow and nonsensical; but after this situation, as much as possible, Facebook and WhatsApp are utilized to stay in touch.

4. You’ll learn to be more accepting of circumstances. Having been subjected to this difficult situation, other unpleasant happenings could become easier to go through. The instance of your friend being miles and miles away may have even helped you mature as a person.

5. You’ll learn to value the essence of time and communication. Whether or not there is a huge gap in the time zones between the two of you, both of you will always savor the perfect hours to catch up on events that have happened in your respective lives and/or how both of you are doing in general. Moreover, it won’t really matter if the conversations last in the wee hours of the morning or a few minutes during lunch break.

6. You’ll learn how to trust each other. It’s true! Not only romantic relationships require trust. More often than not, people in long-distance friendships have the fear that the lack in contact may affect the amity badly and you may it’s irrational, but it’s completely understandable. Furthermore, if you’re really great friends, you would know that no amount of distance could break a genuine friendship.

7. You’ll learn that no matter how far you are from each other, you’ll always be close (if not closer) the moment you’ll meet in person again. As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. And best friends who patiently wait to spend their time together, remain best friends forever.

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