CapGenius’ caption keyboard for iPhone ups your social media game

August 10, 2018

Trying and failing to be clever on social media? Want your friends to think youre naturally funny? A new app calledCapGenius aims to help. This fun little addition to your iPhone keyboard offers a search engine for quips, puns, quotes, lyrics and other phrases that you can quickly pop into your Instagram posts, status updates, snaps, tweets, texts, and more.

The app was created by longtime friendsJordan Verroi and Josh Miller who wanted a tool to help them come up with a good caption for their posts, and figuredothers probably shared thisstruggle. The app, which is installed as an iOS keyboard, is aimed at consumers, not brands. Specifically, its targeting the 18 to 35 year-old demographic who spend a lot of time on social media.

While perhaps something of a niche product in the broader app market, teens and young adults today work hard tocraft their socialmedia presence. Being thought of as funny could be consideredan aspect of that, along with all theirperfectly filtered photos. But CapGenius could also be used when trying to befriend someone new, such as in a dating app, suggests Miller.

As for the content, some is funny and some is groan-inducing, Ill admit. There are jokes and puns about everything from hangovers to Trump to friendships and love, as well as content associated with variousTV shows, plus song lyrics, quotes, and pick-up lines.

To help with the content, the creators recruited social media stars Jordana Abraham, Samantha Fishbein, and Aleen Kuperman, who run the viral lifestyle website and the Instagram account @Betches. Their audience includes 9 million people, which could help CapGenius grow. The plan now is to bring in other content from comedians, artists, and brands, the latter of which could lead to a means of making money, assuming the app developed a following.

The team is also working on partnerships that will allow it to include a larger selection of favorite movie quotes and music lyrics in the app.

And, because you dont want to use the same joke everyone else is, the database of content is added to regularly. It has some over 7,000 unique pieces of content now, and four staff writers update the database daily. Thats how the appsoon had new jokes and quips about things like the presidential inauguration, for example, or The Bachelor TV show.

The app launched in December, and the team isnt sharing its user numbers yet. But Miller says daily retention is already high over 30 percent. But the app is still low-ranked on the App Store, only occasionally even making the charts in the Entertainment or Social Networking sections.

Anotherconcern for an app like CapGenius is that its a third-party keyboard only. That category hasnt been as broadly adopted on iOS as once hoped. Even apps that make sense as keyboards, like Giphy, also establish themselves as standalone apps to reach a wider user base. This could limit CapGenius growth, which is critical for an app that may or may not be able to attractmainstream interest.

CapGenius is currentlya free download on iTunes.

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