For Horror That Reflects The Scary Reality Of Life, The ‘Antebellum’ Trailer Is Here

February 24, 2020

For a long time horror movies reflected our real life fears online in a super allegorical way. We’re afraid of monsters because we’re afraid of death. We’re afraid of a random serial killer because we have anxieties about our mortality. But sometimes, famously the case with Jordan Peele’s , a horror plot that directly touches on our day to day fears can strip away all that allegory and feel so much more frightening because of it. is the latest movie to try this trend.

The movie stars Janelle Monáe, a musician, activist, and actress, as a famous author who deals with “a mystery”. While the production is tight-lipped on what the movie is actually about, the rich visuals of the antebellum south juxtaposed with modern life (along with, duh, the title) give us a good sense that there’s some time warp trauma happening. Perhaps people are snatched out of the present day and deposited at a particularly horrifying part of our past.

Here’s the first trailer, which premiered today:

is in theaters April 24, 2020.


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