Here’s Why You Need To Stop Being Intimidated By Strong Women

December 10, 2018

The word feminism gets thrown around like a newborn baby at its first family function. Everyone wants to hold the baby but not even half of those people know the true meaning of what it is like to have a baby. It is the same with the word feminism, we throw it around just to say it, but a majority of people who use the word don’t even know what it truly means.

This isn’t about being a feminist or not, but it is about how women feel they need to hide their success and confidence in fear that they will be looked at as intimidating by men. No one likes the intimidating girl despite her strengths, empowerment, and big heart.

We push aside her true character, and fail to learn the story behind her because we are too intimidated by her. There is a lot more to her than her success. She was not just given success, she had to work really hard for it.

That confidence she has, she wasn’t born with it. That confidence grew from the struggles and failures that she faced.

The girl that you are intimidated by isn’t the person that she is today because she is a feminist. She isn’t confident because she uses her female traits to seduce men to easily get her way. She sure as hell isn’t successful because she got the world handed to her for being a women. It was not set in stone for her to become a CEO, or political figure; she had to fight hard to get to where she is today.

So why do men feel intimidated by these women? I honestly wish I knew but if I had to take a guess this would be why. We fail to look at the bigger picture in life, and we tend to judge from the outside looking in.

If a woman is confident in herself she is never going to need anyone else, right? Wrong, so very wrong. Confident people need someone to lean on too. They need to have a support system and people to reach out to when things get tough. They are only human. Confidence is not just about knowing your worth and being content with yourself, but it is about being able to ask for help and being okay with needing support from others when you feel defeated.

You should not be intimidated by a women’s confidence because if she is confident in herself she is going to be confident in you and all you have to offer too.

Why are we intimidated by a women’s success? Well, if she had to fight her way to the top she is going to have no problem running me over to get even further too. Wrong. All her success might make me look bad. Absolutely not.

Every women that you are intimidated by for being successful, worked really hard to get there. She probably has been through hell and back and you don’t even know the half of it because you are too intimidated to get to know her story. Here is the thing, if she was willing to go through hell and back once, she will gladly go there again; especially if it is for someone that she loves.

You should never be intimidated by someone who is willing to fight a batter for someone or something they love.

And why are we intimidated by independence in a woman? Well, she’s independent she clearly only loves herself. Wrong again.

A woman that loves herself and knows exactly who she is despite what is happening around her is truly someone that you should befriend, not feel intimidated by. She is the type of person that is going to show you how important it is to feel content with yourself. We all need to realize that at some point.

And so what if she likes time to herself? Independence does not mean she is closed off from the world. It means she is strong enough to fight her own battles.

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