I Am Not Sorry For Being Who I Am

February 28, 2020
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I Am Not Sorry For Being Who I Am

I am not sorry for the things I love, the things that bring a smile to my tired skin after being consumed with so much sadness.

I am not sorry for the people I enjoy being around, those that enrich my existence and make me feel as though I am not a burden to them.

I am not sorry for choosing to sit in the woods and listen to the secrets the birds share with me instead of killing myself for a corporation that doesn’t know me.

I am not sorry for playing with my children instead of having a spotless house.  They won’t always be with me and my time laughing with them is more important to me than a clean kitchen.

I am not sorry for laughing at things that strike me as funny. It doesn’t matter that most wouldn’t understand my humor.

I am not sorry for being nice to the black sheep, the derelicts, the rejects, the ones that have come upon hard times. I will never not help someone because it makes another feel uncomfortable.

I am not sorry for my feelings, however trivial or deep they may be. I have a divine right to feel.

I am not sorry for my beliefs, whether anyone agrees with me or not, whether everyone disagrees with me or not. I believe in me.

I am not sorry for my needs, because they are unique to me. Their validity isn’t negotiable. My needs do not make me less than or more than anyone else.

I am not sorry for breaking rules that I do not agree with. I will never live in subjection or be enslaved because of rules and laws that “are for my own good”.  I will always listen to my own voice.  She knows things.  She guides me in the right direction.

I am not sorry for listening to my intuition, especially when it leads me to make choices that others do not agree with.  In fact, that is the most important time to follow my intuition.  It was given to me by my higher power and it directs my decisions and never leads me astray.

I am not sorry for my dreams, even if no one in the world thinks they are possible. They are mine and they are important.  I will hold on to them no matter what people say.

I will not apologize. I will not be sorry for being me. I am not sorry for who I am, not any part of it.

I am not sorry.

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