I Was Accused Of Embezzlement And My Only Way Out Was Becoming A Submissive At The Chateau

Carla Lewis was waiting patiently in the red leather armchair in front of his desk. She stood immediately when he entered the room putting down her china cup and saucer on his desk as he made his apologies.

No problem. I know why you have called me here to the Chateau. I want you to know I had no part in the embezzlement. I regret everything that has happened, she gushed nervously at him as he took her hand to shake it. Her pretty pink lips were moist and her chestnut eyes showed her shyness and slight fear of him. It was intoxicating. She was a highly attractive woman with more than average intelligence. She was his perfect woman. He knew fine well shed had no part in the embezzlement in managing the accounts of the Chateaus sister business just outside London. Her philandering promiscuous fianc had been fully responsible. But he had left the country for parts unknown and someone had to take the fall. Maxim nodded and raised her hand to his lips to sweep her delicate pale skin with a kiss. She blushed and lowered her eyes, sweetly fluttering her eyelashes.

I know everything, Mademoiselle Lewis. Please sit.

I have informed the police but they cannot trace Anthony. They believe he has left England and are now investigating me. I had nothing to do with it, she sounded desperate watching him as he moved around to sit behind his desk.

Despite the navy power suit she wore the small curved blonde appeared fragile and vulnerable. He decided it was time to ride to her rescue.

I instructed them to, he confessed. A lot of money was stolen and I cant be too careful. My family has a reputation to maintain.

Her eyes looked downcast.

I would never betray the kindness your family has shown me, Monsieur Devereux and I would never steal from them.

I understand your strong feelings but I must investigate all areas no matter how painful that is for you or me. He paused studying her closely. But I have a proposal for you. I can protect you and your own business reputation from the police.

What it is it? I will do anything to convince you I am not a thief.

Maxim raised one eyebrow and smiled.

Good. I want to train you as a submissive here at the chateau so you can become my wife. Then I want to breed you, he told her in a soft dark caressing voice.

Maxims lips curled sensuously as he watched naivety swirl with confusion in Carlas hauntingly deep chestnut eyes. At forty she was sophisticated as well as beautiful in her small delicate appearance despite her attempt to power dress in her navy suit. Nervously she played with her short cut platinum hair, smoothing it around her ears making Maxim enthralled with her fragility. Everything about the woman was neat, composed and carefully crafted as though she was wearing armour and hiding her true self from him and the rest of the men in the world.

It both infuriated and aroused Maxim. Some feral part of him wanted to shake her up, ruffle her hair, push her back against the wall possessively taking her mouth before tearing the clothes from her body like a Neanderthal. When they met in London in the presence of her fianc Anthony, not two months ago, he had known she was out of bounds yet still the same sensation of feeling had washed over him. The man she had engaged herself to was a good manager but he thought nothing of belittling the woman at every turn. She seemed frightened of him and what had alarmed Maxim most was that when she had briefly rolled up the sleeve of her spring jumper he had seen two large bruises around her wrist as though she had been viciously grabbed in an argument. It made him wonder if there were other bruises of a more intimate nature she was hiding. Fear for her safety had surged through him and hed found himself staring at her. Shed quickly rolled down the sleeve again, her eyes growing glassy with embarrassed tears she made every damn effort to suck up and hide from him.

Maxim tried to arrange to talk to her privately but she would not see him and on the phone she deflected any attempt he made to discuss it. Hed wanted to provide her with help and protection but she would not hear of it and he had been forced to push her to the back of his mind. However her stubbornness had not stopped him looking for every opportunity to find something on Anthony Radleigh and get him out of Carlas life and she in to his own. Now Anthony had disappeared she was fair game and Maxim intended to win the hunt.

Are you serious? her words were spoken slowly and were heavy with disbelief.

Yes, I am, he answered with firmness. I want you, Carla. By the time I am finished in revealing the real you under all of that armour and satisfying all of your desires, hopes and dreams I am more than confident you will want to belong to me in marriage.

Those moist pink lips of hers parted angrily provoking an image of her naked on her knees submissively reaching up to wrap them around his penis and suck it hard.

Your arrogance knows no bounds, does it? she snapped. I think you know fine well the embezzlement had nothing to do with me, Mr. Devereux but you are using it to trap me.

Carla was on her feet. Her voice had risen from it usual calm demeanour and her face was flushed with fury as she continued to wrestle for control with him. He found himself aching to make her bare bottom blush over his knee at the mercy of his hand.

So you do have a temper. Good I will enjoy taming it, he smiled.

Maxims eyes lowered to her breasts, their soft tops visible above the Hugo Boss suit jacket. He watched them rise and fall with each agitated breath picturing the tight pert mounds filling the span of his palms as he squeezed the milk from them. Next they were to travel to the plentiful curve of her hips, swaying seductively with fevered motion as she continued to rebuke him and retrieve her bag from the floor next to her at the same time. He said nothing calmly enjoying the reactions of her body to the anger she undoubtedly felt, unmoved to passionate response or defence of his character. But now she was heading for the door and he had no intention of allowing her to leave the room.

Carla opened the door but he raised his arm above her and pressed it shut again. She shook the handle prompting him to keep his hand against it. He leaned in close, towering above her small form and stroked her hair.

Shh. You know I cant let you leave, he whispered as she continued to face the door unable to turn and look at him. She let out a small unexpected sob and shook the round handle again.

Please do not be afraid of me. I mean you no harm. I want to protect you from Anthony Radleigh. He is a violent man and I know his plan was to return for you when everything died down and force you to run with him. He is in Paris at this very moment and he isnt happy you have helped the police or that you have told them about his physical abuse of you. Anthony is looking for revenge. If he gets a hold of you, Carla, he will at least beat the very life out of you if not kill you. I have had him privately investigated. The man takes drugs that make him a loose cannon. He gambles and he owes a lot of money to some dangerous people. If he doesnt give them back their money they will kill you for revenge.

Maxim brushed his lips across the top of her head inhaling the fresh smell of peach blossom shampoo and conditioner.

So you see, I cant let you leave and place yourself in danger. If you do manage to walk out of here I will have the police pick you up and confine you to a cell on the charge of conspiring with Anthony to steal from the London school. You will never work in business again with a charge like that hanging over your head but more importantly you will be safe. I will do whatever I have to protect you, Carla . . .

His speech was cut short when she turned around sharply removing the caress of his fingers along her hair and slapped him hard across the face. For a second the blow stung but did more to fire his passion than anger him. He caught hold of her wrists and pushed her back against the door, claiming her mouth without consent. At first she was to resist the penetration of his tongue inside her silky wet pouting mouth. He pinned her arms above her head and persisted. He would try a little longer for a response and then break off his kiss defeated for now but she was to reward him with a surprise. She began to open her mouth and invite him in surrendering her control, losing herself in his kiss, allowing the resistance in her arms to relax in his grip. He hadnt imagined the look of her attraction in her eyes when they worked together in London or when he first walked in to the room before their meeting had begun.

It felt good to feel his lips against hers. He had spent many a night wondering what it would be like to feel her next to him in his bed. At first his emotions and feelings had conflicted and warred with his loyalty to his deceased fianc. Hed never expected to find another woman yet here she was right in front of him melting in his arms. But to his surprise the moment was to prove short lived. Maxim felt Carlas wilful resistance return pulling her body taut as her stubborn reasoning mind kicked in again. She kicked out and caught his leg making him wince. The woman needed taming and to be taught not to be frightened of surrendering to her own needs and desires without shame. Time to crack that defensive armour she placed around herself and lay her bare and vulnerable.

Skilfully he wrapped his leg around the one she was using to kick at him and forced her to widen her stance, stretching her skirt to ripping point. She stared up at him with frightened but confused aroused eyes. There appeared to be something inside the woman which liked to be pressed back up against the door and handled roughly.

He smiled with triumph.

Carla Lewis was indeed perfect for him. He let go of her wrists ignoring the way she began to beat them against the tops of his shoulders then removed his leg to bend quick and catch up the hem of her skirt. With practiced effort he wrestled the navy pencil skirt up her thighs to bunch it at her waist to expose the pale white flesh above her flesh coloured stay ups and the ivory silk thong riding between her succulent thighs.

Maxim was forced to move her back against the door again by bringing his body close to trap her there. His hands slipped under the sides of the skimpy thong and pulled it down her legs to just above her ankles to expose the neatly shaven dark curls of her sex fashioned in to a triangle. Carla was furious when he stood back to admire his handiwork and take tight hold of her arms. She tried to move forwards to attack him tears beginning to spill with frustration down her cheeks but she stumbled hampered by the restriction of her panties around the beginnings of her ankles. Satisfied any attempt at escape would prove comprising and impossible for her he locked the door and lifted up her struggling form against his chest and carried her to his desk.

Maxim stood Carla down in front of the desk behind the red leather chair she had just been sitting in not minutes ago and bent her over the bound black leather surface. Holding her in place with his palm in her back he picked up the cane he had left on his desk from that morning when he had considered using it on his accounts assistant. He looked down at Carlas bare bottom and how well positioned it was for a caning. Perhaps this would bring her back to her senses and calmness. After being disciplined by the Dean of the Chateau like an errant pupil she would be more accepting of her situation and his need to protect her from harm. It was time to begin her first lesson in her training as a submissive.

You must be schooled, Mademoiselle Lewis. Your temper will be your undoing. I intend to protect you from yourself and Anthony Radleigh whether you wish me to or not. The first lesson I will teach you today is about trust. You will learn to view me as your protector and someone you can come to when fearful. Consider your caning a punishment not for any false belief in a conspiracy to defraud The Chateau but for not considering your own needs for love and safety and coming to me when I offered you help and protection from a violent man.

Before she could issue a reply Maxim raised the handled cane and flicked it with precision over her buttocks. Her yelps came loud and fast. Then they mingled with sobs and a heavy release of emotion she clearly hadnt expected. Wielding the rattan cane he never hit the same place twice patterning his strokes across her bottom before turning his attention to the backs of her thighs to soundly cane her. She was to keenly feel Maxim in his stride at that point and her cries were even louder. More emotion flooded in sobs from her lips. Tears flowed heavily and Maxim began to realise with relief Carla was ridding herself of the pain Anthony had caused her. He could feel the room lighten with the release of her distress with every stroke. Maxim listened to the cane whoosh through the air and thwack against her flesh to sharply sting it. Many people became strongly sexually aroused by a caning and it made him wonder what Carla was feeling under her emotion. She might have run the Chateau with Anthony but he had the feeling she had never been spanked, caned or whipped for pleasure on her bare bottom for loving discipline or pleasure. Carla seemed to have only known frightening violent abuse from a man determined to control her. Under Maxims care and guidance Carla would come to learn the paradox of pain and desire.

The Dean raised the cane for the last time and aimed it across the middle of both buttocks with a final high pitched thwack. Carlas bottom rose and fell as though she were humping the desk. Her sobs had receded and she had been taking the last strikes with calm dignity and resignation. He was greatly pleased with her progress on the first lesson. Maxim put the cane back down on the desk and smoothed his palm over her raw burning buttocks. At first touch she flinched and a whimper echoed from her lips. The sound betrayed her vulnerability generating a warm protective feeling for her. It surged with strength around Maxims body. He couldnt resist bending to brush his lips against her hair and then across one reddened buttock. His other hand patted her back.

Good girl. You have done well. I think the punishment was more than disciplining. It was cathartic for you. You needed to get rid of a lot of emotion. How do you feel? he asked gently stroking her bottom with his fingertips bending to admire the pattern of his strokes and take a closer look. Gently he brushed his lips across the heat flaming from her flesh. He wanted to know if the caning had aroused her.

It hurt . . .but it did feel good to cry. Please let me go now, there were tears in her voice again.

Maxim bent again to look between her thighs and boldly smoothed his fingers down the swell of her bottom and along the curve that led to her pussy. Before he reached the folds his fingers became damp from wetness lining the inside of her thighs. He couldnt help but smile. She shuffled uneasily moving her weight on her feet. He pressed down on her back firmly to steady her and keep her obedient to his examination.

You know I cant. Anthony is looking for you. I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe, he informed her once more, venturing to stroke inside her folds to brush the end of the small bud resting between them with the tip of his finger.

His captive was drenched in her juices, pliant and ready for taking. She tried to move again giving a small shocked gasp that hed dared to caress her so intimately. Maxim began to circle the small hole leading up inside her channel finding it slick and tight. He bent down opening the plump lips of her vagina with his other hand to closely examine the pinkness of her flesh, squeezing her clit between his fingers to test its weight and girth. He heard her moan and smiled to himself when she quickly tried to cover it with conversation.

So, are you are going to keep me a prisoner here? she asked with a shaky voice.

Maxim rolled the fleshy protrusion between his fingers and cruelly pinched it making her cry out.

Yes I am, he told her softly in a dark velvet voice. And I will do so until you are safe. During your stay I think it is a good opportunity to learn more about the business you run for me in England. A good CEO knows every inch of her business inside out and knows exactly how to please her clients and see to the needs and protection of her staff. I believe you know little about The Chateau here in France. When you find yourself surrendering to me and eventually becoming my wife you will help me run it as you did in London and I expect high standards. If you were a man I would suggest you attend the lessons, lecture and become one of the employed masters but you are a woman and to experience The Chateau and the female experience you will need to become one of the female staff.

No, please. I will make more of an effort to . . .

Hush, he nipped her clit again to silence her pleading with a cry.

A rush of thick moisture flooded Carlas pussy making him grin as he peered in to it to see the lips glistening. Her sex was ripe and healthy looking but he wanted her thoroughly medically examined. Maxim was concerned the abuse she had suffered at Anthonys hands was more than strikes to her face and body. Carefully he curved his middle digit up inside her channel penetrating her deeply.

Carla began to pant and moan.

Please dont do this, she breathed.

Why not? Take your pleasure, Carla. I often allow it if the woman took her punishment with courage. You have learned your first lesson well. In the future you will remember that if you disobey or displease me especially by putting yourself in danger, I will spank you over my knee whether we are in private or public. Do I make myself clear, Mademoiselle Lewis?

Maxim started to thrust his finger in and out of her body as he waited for her answer stoking her need to boiling point. But she kept him waiting a little longer than he considered appropriate for her situation. Raising his hand to prompt her speech he spanked her sore bottom four times until she yelped her answer.

Yes, Yes, Monsieur Deveurex.

From now on you will call me Sir. I will be the Master who trains you as a submissive so you can experience the Chateau and that includes the Milking House, Mademoiselle Lewis. I look forward to seeing your breasts being milked by my hands and the machine.

Please, no. I cant . . .

Yes you can and you will, he told her softly.

Maxim curled his finger upwards until it made contact with the rough wall of her vagina and her G-spot. With an artful stroke he manipulated the pleasure centre until he heard Carla gasping to catch her breath, her climax swiftly approaching. Her hips pumped downwards on to his digit in the direction of the desk as though she were once again humping it. He could see her fight to widen her legs but the silk thong hed placed around her ankles forced her channel to remain tight to his satisfaction. This way she would feel the strength of his domination. The humiliation at being caned like a naughty school girl and being forced to orgasm would make the experience more intense. But still he could feel resistance to his control within her body. She was failing to trust him and the challenge to make her a submissive without it would make life difficult. He had to prove he was more than worthy of keeping her safe in her training and providing for her every need just as a good husband would do.

Carla began to bite her pink glossed bottom lip in an effort to stop herself from releasing her orgasm.

You are so wet, Carla yet I can see you holding back. I might punish you for indiscretions but I will also make sure you receive all your needs, sexual or otherwise. You are safe with me and to transcend the disapproval you feel in allowing yourself to feel pleasure with your pain. It is a paradox you feel intensely. There is no shame in it. Now, I want you to come like a good girl and trust me to protect you, he whispered, his breath caressing the tender lobe of her ear.

If I come then it means . . . she stuttered with a whimper.

That I have control of your body, its functions and your will, he told her masterfully. I had control of you the moment you jumped from the seat in your office to take a plane and be here when I demanded it, petite fille. Surrender or I will keep you like this and allow my male staff to enter the room and intimately inspect your sex to show you just how much power I wield over you. Is that what you want?

No, no . . .

Maxim stepped up his internal caress moving his free hand between the desk and her sex to grip the curls of her pussy in a fierce grip making her yelp and hold on to the oak and leather surface much tighter than she had been for support. Then with an unforgiving hand he cupped her sex and began to spank it, catching the clit and the folds expertly to both arouse and chastise. After three slaps Maxim forced Carla to lose the battle. She climaxed with a loud helpless defeated cry.


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