I’m Slowly Learning How To Miss Someone Without Wanting Them Back


I’m Slowly Learning How To Miss Someone Without Wanting Them Back

Being in my early 20s, a lot of things happened to me. Starting from dreaming of what it’s like in the real world down to struggling with adulting. During this process; I started to gain lots of experiences, meet new people and build new relationships. But just like what they say, “When you gain some, you lose some.”

I realized that when you started this new phase of life, you’ll get to see those people who will still be there for you; either cheering you on, walking the same path with you, bumping into an intersection or walking a different road from yours. Whatever it is, those people will either stay or leave.

I’m very grateful to God for those people who stayed with me up until now and to those newcomers who also want to be part of my life. But to those people whom I still cherish but left me, I am slowly learning how to miss them without wanting them back.

It’s not that I don’t want them to be in my life anymore or I’m too bitter about them leaving; it’s more like I have accepted the fact that people come and go. And there’s more to life than getting stressed over those people who seems to go on with their lives just fine without you in it.

I’m slowly learning how to appreciate life more by being contented and happy with what I have right now. I know there’s more losing and gaining along the way, but I believe it’ll be all worth it.

Because life itself is an adventure; a lot of places to go to, foods to eat, discover the wonders of God’s creations and building stronger and meaningful relationships with people.

Letting go of something temporary is really healthy because it’s a form of self-love. You’re loving yourself through letting go of past experiences or people that aren’t helping you to be a good person.

Life is short, so why waste time with mulling over to people who have already left, relationships that have already ended? I realized that, instead of chasing people, chase your goals and dreams. Because that is what it means to live life to the fullest.


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