The Worst Part Of Chasing Someone Is The Uncertainty, The Self-Doubt, And The Drained Energy

The worst part about chasing someone is that you’re convinced this could be the one. Otherwise you wouldn’t bother. Deep down in your gut, you feel like you would be a good fit together. You feel like you would make a perfect match. And sometimes, it feels like your person feels it too. But you’re the only one doing anything about it. You’re the only one courageous enough to make a move. You’re the only one bothering to put in any effort. And that can get confusing.

The worst part about chasing someone is the uncertainty. You aren’t sure whether your energy is going to pay off in the end. You aren’t sure whether you’re completely wasting your time on this person or whether they simply need a little nudge. You aren’t sure whether you’re fighting for something worthwhile or something wasteful. You aren’t sure whether your heart has the right idea or whether you should start the healing process.

The worst part about chasing someone is the self-doubt. The longer you go without taking the next step with them, the more you question yourself. You wonder whether they’re avoiding making a commitment because you don’t turn them on enough. Because you don’t excite them enough. Because you don’t surprise them enough. Because you don’t challenge them enough. Even though you recognize you would make a damn good partner, you start assuming the worst. You start wondering whether you were wrong from the get-go, whether you were only fooling yourself to think they would be interested.

The worst part about chasing someone is the drained energy. The exhaustion, both mentally and physically. It’s not easy carrying all of the weight in a relationship. It requires a shit ton of effort. Even though a part of you doesn’t mind doing the work if it means ending up together, it still isn’t easy. It takes a lot out of you. Not to mention, it’s frustrating when you’re the only one sending texts, coming up with conversation topics, setting plans, dressing up, .

No one to chase the person they’re interested in dating. No one wants to put in extra work. They want to skip the silly games and skip to the part where they end up together. They want to make things official. They want to go on real dates. They want to build a real future.

The worst part of chasing someone is that it’s entirely one-sided. They aren’t chasing you, too. They’re running in the other direction, or at the very least, they’re stubbornly staying in place. Either way, they’re making it hard to establish a real, authentic connection. They’re making it hard to get to know them, to get close to them, to get where you want with them.

The worst part about chasing someone is wondering whether they’re playing hard to get and truly need a little time before they’re ready to settle down — or whether they’re just not interested enough and it’s never going to happen, no matter what you do.



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